Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina


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This year Amira Medunjanin celebrates 15 years in the musical business as a beloved sevdah- singer and we will perform together with her in her hometown Sarajevo!

Amira herself says this about the sevdah: "It is not easy to find a single word in English that can stand for the Bosnian concept of SEVDAH, although yearning perhaps comes closest. Like the Spanish duende, it carries multiple meanings – love, hopeless love, endless love, a desire that chills and fevers the lover like malaria, and like malaria can never be shaken off – but in the end, it’s a way of life, and a narrative that tells the story of itself." (from http://amiramedunjanin.com)

We are very grateful to have been recording her newest album "Ascending" this year and on this concert we will perform songs from the album with Amira and her good collegues and friends!


The concert will be held in "Olimpijska dvorana Zetra" at 8 pm.