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STARMUS: Into Whiteness May-Britt Moser

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Into Whiteness with May-Britt Moser and Trondheimsolistene at Stephen Hawking Medal Ceremony

Into Whiteness
May-Britt Moser and Trondheimsolistene
Composer: Bertil Palmar Johansen
Video: Johan Magnus Elvemo

Into Whiteness is the story of how your ability to find your way in the environment and to remember your history, arise from activity in neural circuits deep within your brain. It is also the story of what happens when these neurons that underpin memory and navigation start dying in Alzheimer’s disease.




Photo: Tor Stenersen, Aftenposten

The Starmus Festival 2017 with Stephen Hawking
Also featuring Oliver Stone, Buzz Aldrin, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Steve Vai, Brian Cox, Alexi Leonov, 10 Nobel Prize winners and The Moonwalkers Panel!

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June 18 – 23, 2017 | Trondheim, Norway.