“I realised that music is more than playing everything accurately – it is a language that we can use to communicate and to inspire others.”

Nicole Wong, visiting violinist from Musicus Society, Hong Kong,
taking part in masterclasses and side-by-side projects, winter 2019

Trondheimsolistene understands the importance of nurturing young talent and is focused on its development through education and recruitment. Many of our current musicians have been performing together since they first picked up their instrument at culture school at the age of 6, and this training structure, with Trondheim at its axis, is one that we actively support and are proud of. It shapes our unique sound and expands our creative output. Trondheimsolistene’s mission is to highlight the potential of performing with an orchestra and to enhance the skills needed to be able to do so. By engaging musicians positively from a young age, we build a solid foundation, break down barriers, and inspire local musicians to become our next generation of Trondheimsolistene.

Trondheimsolistene enjoys a close and creative collaboration with the Institute of Music at NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Gifted string students are invited to join us on projects and tours throughout their period of study and this valuable experience is counted towards their final degree.

foto: Ole Wuttudal
Alex Robson, leader of Juniorsolistene

Juniorsolistene is Trondheimsolistene’s recruitment orchestra. This orchestra is composed of young musicians from the Trondheim region, aged between 16-20 years who attend culture school. During this time, they learn the art of chamber music by mirroring the playing style of Trondheimsolistene before moving into the main orchestra. Juniorsolistene began in 2001 and the first musical leader was Sigmund Tvete Vik. Their current leader is Alex Robson, and both of these musicians are original members of Trondheimsolistene.

We are also involved in the development of regional talent through the Talent Trondheim Chamber Music School. Alongside local partners across all artistic genres, we offer seminars, workshops, masterclasses and side-by-side projects which are specifically designed for young and talented artists.

Foto: Svein Holthe
New year’s concert with dancers from Levanger culture school, January 2020