Meet Trondheimsolistene

Get to know one of the most exciting young ensembles performing on the international stage

Meet Trondheimsolistene

Get to know one of the most exciting young ensembles performing on the international stage

Who we are

It all started in 1988 with Trondheim’s Music Professor Bjarne Fiskum. His formidable ability to seek out talented young musicians, provide them with the skills to perform at their best and then to encourage them to give the maximum of themselves, became the driving force behind the early success of the ensemble. Øyvind Gimse continued the job as Artistic Director and created exciting and innovative projects. The ensemble soon became known for its energy and warmth. On its first foreign tour, London audiences wouldn’t stop clapping. Trondheimsolistene turned professional, but the spirit of youth stayed and student musicians became part of its constitution.

Major collaborations followed. Anne-Sophie Mutter sought-out the ensemble’s energy and verve and many others tapped into its openness and sensitivity. Geir Inge Lotsberg, Artistic Director since 2017, instilled a new meticulousness in the ensemble and began taking them down unfamiliar musical paths. As Artistic Partner, the dynamic cellist Alisa Weilerstein brought new dimensions to sound and mindset.

Foto: Kristian Wanvik

Trondheimsolistene is recognised for representing chamber music at the highest level. Passionate performances, innovation and innate musicianship are the watchwords and that is whether they are making critically acclaimed recordings, playing live from the Lofoten Islands to Berlin, or forging meaningful partnerships with musicians of all disciplines.

What makes them unique is that Trondheim always shines through. The close connection with the city, it’s nature and Norway’s ever-changing seasons is exactly what you hear in the unmistakable Trondheim sound – an authentic, honest and invigorating performance.

Meet our Artistic Director, Geir Inge Lotsberg

Geir Inge Lotsberg (b. 1969) began his professional career at a young age and has distinguished himself as one of Norway’s most active chamber musicians. His relationship with Trondheimsolistene took off in 2005 when he was invited to be concertmaster in a series of tours and significant recordings.  Helping to mould the orchestra’s individual sound, and picking up many recording accolades along the way, he was appointed Artistic Director in 2017.  His skill as an orchestra leader continues to shape the orchestra’s direction and keep it at the forefront as one of the most creative ensembles of our time.

For many years, Geir Inge Lotsberg has played a Joseph Guarnerius filius Andrae dating from 1703, generously provided by Dextra Musica Foundation.


Trondheimsolistene have a long-term collaboration with our main partners Koteng Eiendom, Sparebank1 SMN and NTNU. Read more about our partners here.

Public contributors are The Norwegian Ministry of Culture, Trøndelag County Council and Trondheim Municipality.

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